A test: PNG and JPG images with and without icc profiles

[PNG, no profile][PNG, no profile][PNG, no profile][PNG, no profile]

On this page there are four image files side to side. From left to right:

1. PNG file without a profile. (Created in an unknown working space.) *
2. PNG file. Color profile sRGB assigned when opening the previous file, then saved without the profile. PNG does not support color profile embedding.
3. JPG file with embedded sRGB profile.
4. JPG file saved in sRGB color space but saved without embedding the profile information.

Conclusion: The fourth image is the only one that matches the backgound color using Firefox 5.0.1 and Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with a calibrated screen. (Calibrated with Spyder 3 Pro.) On an uncalibrated system all the images match the background.

* (After saving the files 2, 3 and 4 I heard the first file was created using sRGB color space. This said, the first two files should be identical.)

Further reading with a more thorough investigation on the subject: Web Browser Color Management Tutorial by Gary G. Ballard.

Juhani Anttila, juhani@iki.fi
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